Leap into Dance is an inclusive dance community. Our classes for children, teens and adults are delivered in an accessible way by a team of passionate dance and disability professionals.

Leap into Dance will not be NDIS registered from 1st July 2021 and so will not be about to process agency managed funds, however will continue to be able to create invoices appropriate to plan and self-managed participants. (ABN: 93 772 157 680 ).
Leap into Dance works closely with Occupational Therapist and Creative Learning Centre's Director; Lee Frances. Leap into Dance will continue to be able to create invoices appropriate to plan and self-managed participants.

Find out if you are eligible to use your NDIS funding for our Leap into Dance Program.
FREE trial classes for each new student!

Its important that our participants get to experience dance without pressure and stress, while achieving their induvial goals; how do we do it? Book a trial and leap into dance with Leap into Dance!

Dance is an expressive art form and we are privileged as dance and disability experts to share and foster this love with our participants.

Communication for our participants to create social friendships with their peers is one of our focuses.

Each class is supported by our Disability Certified, therapy assistant Dani. Dani is able to give further individual attention to each participants thought the class.

Every participant should be able to enjoy dance, music and friendships. Our program allows this to happen each and every week.

ABOUT USLeap into Dance!

Are you looking for a community program that assists your child with fitness, social participation and fun, taught in an accessible way for your child to reach their individual goals?

Leap into Dance program is run by Georgina - Professional Contemporary Dance Artist, Dani - Studio Teacher Assistant with a Cert 4 in Disability and Yoga instructor and in an advisory role, Lee Frances Director of Creative Learning Centre's and Senior Occupational Therapist.

As passionate dance and disability experts, with can-do attitudes, you'll feel confident your child will experience the joys of dance in a safe and encouraging environment

Contemporary - Jazz

Skills learnt: Taking turns, watching fellow participants, space awareness and proprioception, motor coordination, making choices, following the group plan, relaxation, self-regulation.


Skills Learnt: Ballet technique and posture, taking turns, space awareness and proprioception, motor coordination, making choices, following the group plan, relaxation, self-regulation.


Skills Learnt: Body awareness and co-ordination, calming and relaxation techniques that cultivate self-regulation, self-awareness and confidence.



AGE GROUPSContemporary-Jazz

Our Contemporary-Jazz classes are small classes (6-8 participants) grouped by age. Find out below more about these groups.
NOTE: Ballet and Yoga are currently all ages (2020)


Ages 6yo-12yo. Ours Kids classes are for primary school aged children and up. We divide classes into small groups of 6-8 participants. If your child is younger please contact us today and we can make educated suggestions that will suit your child.


Ages 5yo-16yo. This class is for Kids Plus parents/guardians/carers, for kids and teens who have higher support needs. Classes are kept between 6-8 participants. Online classes are available for Kids Plus. Please contact us today to find out more!


For 13yo-18yo. A class for teens to engage with their peers and enjoy dance. We encourage independence where appropriate for our teens class.


18yo+. As our adults are mostly assisted by support workers to access the class, the support workers are invited at no cost to join with us. We know our participants enjoy having their support workers with them and our support works say this is a great way to get in exercise to their weeks as well! We have some guidelines about support worker participation, contact us to find our more.


ALL AGES - Yoga 17 Halsey Road, Airport West,
4.30pm - 5:15 PMDani
KIDS - C/J17 Halsey Road, Airport West,
4.15 - 5 PMGeorgina
ADULTS - C/J17 Halsey Road, Airport West,
5:15 - 6.15 PMGeorgina
TEENS - C/J17 Halsey Road, Airport West
12.00 - 1.00 PMGeorgina
KIDS - C/J17 Halsey Road, Airport West
1.15 - 2.15 PMGeorgina
KIDS PLUS - C/J17 Halsey Road, Airport West
2.30 - 3.15 PMGeorgina
Contact us
17 Halsey Road, Airport West VIC 3042
0437 194 238
Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM
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