HOW WE DO ITContemporary - Jazz,
Ballet and Yoga

Contemporary - Jazz

Utilising pop music and great dance tunes, we use schedules to create classes that include; learning choreographies, creating dances together, free-movement (unstructured dancing), working on dance skills using props such as jumps and leaps, tippy toes and turns.

Skills learnt: Taking turns, watching fellow participants, space awareness and proprioception, motor coordination, making choices, following the group plan, relaxation, self-regulation.

Our Contemporary-Jazz classes are organised by age groups:

Kids – 5-12yo, Teen – 13-16yo, Adults – 17yo and Kids Plus – 5-16yo

(Kids Plus:  is kids plus parent/caregiver/support worker, for our kids and teens with high need support.)


Exploring the world of ballet using ballet music, with a schedule we follow a typical ballet class progression and include creative free movement inspired by Ballerinas and Ballet stories.

Skills Learnt: Ballet technique and posture, taking turns, space awareness and proprioception, motor coordination, making choices, following the group plan, relaxation, self-regulation.

Ballet classes are currently All Ages.


Yoga classes are created to be fun and accessible. The class starts with a yoga greeting and warm up, followed by a sequence of postures based on a theme or a book. Breathing and relaxation practices are incorporated with some fun games too.

Skills Learnt: Body awareness and co-ordination, calming and relaxation techniques that cultivate self-regulation, self-awareness and confidence.

Yoga classes are currently All Ages


AGE GROUPSContemporary-Jazz

Our Contemporary-Jazz classes are small classes (6-8 participants) grouped by age. Find out below more about these groups.
NOTE: Ballet and Yoga are currently all ages (2020)


Ages 5yo-12yo. Ours Kids classes are for primary school aged children and up. We divide classes into small groups of 4-6 participants. If your child is younger please contact us today and we can make educated suggestions that will suit your child.


Ages 5yo-16yo. This class is for Kids Plus parents/guardians/carers, for kids and teens who have higher support needs. Classes are kept between 6-8 participants. Online classes are available for Kids Plus. Please contact us today to find out more!


For 13yo-16/18yo. A class for teens to engage with their peers and enjoy dance. We encourage independence where appropriate for our teens class.


16yo+. As our adults are mostly assisted by support workers to access the class, the support workers are invited at no cost to join with us. We know our participants enjoy having their support workers with them and our support works say this is a great way to get in exercise to their weeks as well! We have some guidelines about support worker participation, contact us to find our more.


SUPPORTParent and Support Worker Participation

In every class parent/support worker participation may depend on students’ goals, individual preferences or behaviours.

Kids and Teen classes – independency is encouraged where appropriate.

Kids Plus class – is kids plus parent/caregiver/support worker who stay and assist their child in the studio space while the class is on.

Adults class – a number of Support Workers help our adult participant to access the class, they too are invited to participate if the participant would like. It this class we avoid having parents/Support Workers watch as this causes some students to be uncomfortable.

We will provide a Support Worker In Studio Guide to each new support worker when they join us for the first time.

Our parents and carers have just as much fun as our participants and we appreciate their support. Many say it is a great way to get some exercise into their week!

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