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We are a passionate team of dance and disability professionals who offer an accessible Dance program offering contemporary-jazz, ballet and yoga available through private funding or NDIS.

There are many well-known benefits of dance such as; fitness, enjoyment, flexibility, strength, stamina, group participation, memory and a creative outlet. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience dance. We take pride in being able to deliver our program to our amazing participants in a way that is accessible to each individual.

Classes start from age 5 through to adults who have additional support needs. Support needs may be a result of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, physical disabilities, learning support needs and behaviour concerns.

In a typical class we use a mixture of class rooms aids such as visual schedules, dance tools and props. Each class is a mixture of learning dance choreographies, creating dances together, being creative and expressive with free-movement and working on dance skills such as strength, balance and co-ordination. Music in our contemporary-jazz classes is pop music, usually suggested from our participants.


“Feedback from parents and participants is used to continuously develop the program, along with ongoing professional development from all staff.”

Dance Teacher


At the end of the year our participants choose if they would like to do a performance. We create a relaxed environment around performing, no make up or costumes are needed and we allow each student to make their own choice, while continuing to be apart our their peers.

Our options are:

  1. In the studio where we invite friends and family to watch a dance and join in for the rest of the class or
  2. Performance in a theatre space in conjunction with a main stream dance school – Creativity Dance Studio.


At the end of each term our participants invite their friends or family to join in each class. For our participants this allows them to show the progress they are continually making, and they get to share their enjoyment with other.

For the friends they get to experience what being in our classes are like, and share an event with their peers.

The last dance class for each respective class during term 1, 2 & 3 is ‘Invite a Friend’. Would you like to join in this class? Contact us today to find out more!



Based on feedback from our families, our program has small capped class numbers of 6-8 people for both online and in studio classes. We have an Occupational Therapist who consults with us to ensure each individual has the strategies in place to achieve their goals within the dance program.

We value the importance of friendships, community building, group and individual attention while supporting students to feel safe and included. This is why not only do we have our dance teacher Georgina we also have our Therapy Assistant Dani in the classes.


At the end of 2020 Leap into Dance’s end of year production is a dance video. As we were not able to physically be together, our participants recorded themselves dancing and we recorded dancing during class. Keep an eye out for our official release of “Better when I’m Dancin’!” 


Leap into Dance continually improves the content and delivery of the program through feedback. We also make sure to look at the wider dance community in Melbourne, and Australia; to make sure our students get a full grasp of dance and its culture. Would you like to know more about what we do? Contact us using the form to the right!

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